QSS-37HD-RC Digital Printers

QSS-37HD-RC Digital Printers

QSS-37HD-RC Digital Printers

Photographs are not merely captured pixels, they are the means of emotional reminiscences, memories, joys and nostalgia. Therefore, we bring to you, a smart minilab that produceshigh definition and high resolution prints thereby enhancing the visual appeal and instilled beauty of your photographs.

With an improved laser exposure for higher resolution results and multiple integral and optional features, the QSS-37HD Series minilabs successfully meet the individual printing needs delivering photographs with fine detail.

A revolution in beauty, QSS-37HD Seriesis a remarkable landmark for Noritsu Koki and for the imaging industry.

Features :

  • High resolution silver halide printer
  • Sharp Portrayal of Fine Details
  • Automatic Raw Image Data Processing
  • On the spot Printing Features
  • ConsistentQualityOutput
  • Versatility with Various Size Print Options
  • Value Added Services to Surprise Your End Customers
  • 5 capacities to choose from
  • Automate Your Processes
  • Daily setup reduces preparation time required before business hours
  • Inbuilt colorimeter prints automatically fed in it before coming out from dryer
Print System Laser Exposure with 640 dpi High Resolution
Processing Capacity approx. 50 prints/hour (QSS-3701HD), approx. 80 prints/hour (QSS-3702HD), approx. 140 prints/hour (QSS-3704HD) for 12x36inches
Max. Print Size 305 x 914mm (12x36 inches)
Sharpness Sharp portrayal of fine details and smooth gradations
Versatility Multiple models enable you to choose the capacity that meets your needs

Optional Features :

  • Triple Magazine/Quad Magazine enables you to load 3 or 4 magazines at once
  • Control Strip Auto Loading Unit
  • Display module for errors and other information display

Independent Shops :

For small scale setups, the minilabs can be installed with automated Input to output wherein the order input with the CT-SL are controlled with the connected EZ controller. The images are printed after being corrected and the process is quick therefore helping your business operate with better efficiency and through an uncomplicated process.

Photo Studios :

This network system is best suited for a medium scale setup wherein heavy image correction and editing is involved. In order to get better results, the editing takes place in a separate area. The network allows large printing orders to be processed smoothly and with high quality output.

Pro Labs :

This network makes it simple and unproblematic to process large volume orders. It is a scalable network system with features such as scanning of films, processing of images, burning CDs andinstalling EZcontroller in multiple computers. Noritsu makes it simple for you to construct your own network based on your requirements and magnitude of operations.

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