Noritsu Koki is pleased to announce the QSS-34 PRO Digital Printer, a high capacity network printer capable of producing approximately 2,000 4R (152 x 102mm) prints per hour. This stand-alone printer is scheduled to be released worldwide at the end of September 2005. The QSS-34 PRO Digital Printer can be used to make prints from digital media inserted in the system computer, or you can connect multiple computers to it and use it as a network printer.

1. QSS-34 PRO Digital Printer Features

Can be used as a network printer
You can connect multiple client computers and use the QSS-34 PRO Digital Printer to make high quality silver halide prints of image data sent from these computers.

2. Can be used as a printer dedicated to making prints from digital media.

The QSS-34 PRO Digital printer supports virtually every type of digital camera media in the market today, as well as CDs and many other types of media. This extensive variety of compatible input media enables it to be used as printer dedicated to making prints from digital media.

3. High Capacity

The outstanding capacity of approximately 2,000 prints (4R) per hour is first-rate among digital minilabs.

4. State-of-the-art "Image Optimization Technology" employed

Natural-looking high quality prints are produced using advanced correction software technology such as JPEG Block Noise Correction, Lens Aberration Correction, and Correction of Graininess in Underexposed Scenes

5. Jumbo Panorama Prints

The QSS-34 PRO Digital Printer is capable of making prints up to 305 x 914mm (12 x 36 inches). Offering this Jumbo Panorama Print size will help increase your sales opportunities, as it can be used for panorama shots, posters, POP displays, calendars, and other types of photos

6. High-tech laser engine

The high quality laser engine produces vivid silver halide prints of 300dpi.

7. Quadruple magazine system (Factory option)e

With the QSS-3411Digital you can choose to have a dual magazine system (Standard), a triple magazine system (Option), or even a quadruple magazine system (Option). The ability to set up to four paper magazines provides a huge advantage in paper-replacement efficiency.

User-friendly GUI

The QSS-34 PRO Digital Printer's intuitive GUI enables the diverse and otherwise complicated digital operations to be handled with the utmost of ease.

Print Size Width 82.5 to 305mm
Advance Length 82.5 to 914mm
Input Media Standard FD, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW
Optional MO, Zip, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD Card, Memory Stick, PC Card, Microdrive, Prints (from Flatbed Scanner), etc
Output Media Standard FD
Optional CD-R, CD-RW, MO, Zip, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD Card, Memory Stick, PC Card, Microdrive, etc

Estimated Processing Capacity

Note: The actual capacity you achieve may be different

  • Digital camera media (2.5 megapixels)
With index prints. With digital camera correction.
127 x 89mm(5 x 3.5 inches) Approx. 2,100 prints/hr
152 x 102mm(6 x 4 inches); Approx. 2,000 prints/hr

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