Digital UPS

Digital UPS

The enventa advantage, Ups tailored for industrial/ hostile environments, Ex-stock availability upto 120 kva, 24x7 service support at select centers. High operational efficiency (>93%). Lower running costs for customer. Option for regenerative back feed protection. Wide input window- maximum battery backup availability for blackouts. Upgradability and scalability to grow with customer load demand increase.Specializedindustrial power audit to enable proper ups sizing for each installation. Intelligent battery charger to maximize battery life/ reductionin-recurringexpenses. Industrial grade protection circuitry. Ups manufactured inIndiaforIndianpower conditions,specializedsupport forcustomizedoem requirements. Ups designed for ‘almost zero’ mttr. Power audit consultancy. Application engineering cell for industrial loads. Proven and established commitment to long term technical support to the entire range of its products.

Lenticular Sheets

Enventa Digital UPS 5KVA to 100 KVA UPS

EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES 1 kVA -1100 kVA with Advance Vector Control

EnVENTA offers one-stop shop for UPS Solutions, from Desktop systems to industrial applications, from 1 kVA to 400 kVA. Customer needs have been understood for various application areas and products designed based on these inputs. Reliability, Availability, Efficiency, Maintainability, User-Friendliness and Technology We address all your value requirements-EFFECTIVELY.

EnVENTA presents to you our latest State-of-the-Art EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES - DIGITAL ONLINE UPS SYSTEMS

EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES is carefully designed to maximise the availability of your critical equipment continuously ensuring that your business is protected against all power problems. These UPS Systems designed with best micro controlled devices and Hybrid Circuits deliver Pure Sine-wave Clean Power under all operating conditions.

On-Line Double Conversion

EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES are constructed on True-OnLine Architecture continuously supplying Critical Connected Load with a stable clean and pure Sine wave Power.

Advanced Vector Control

EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES uses the latest Vector Control Technique at the Input of the UPS. This technology is now globally adopted for optimum energy consumption and phenomenal reduction of UPS current demand at the input.

Expertise For Customised Product Design And Specific Customer Needs

Major Applications:

  • Information Technology - Data Centres, Servers Networking
  • Telecommunication - Mobile, Paging , Wireless & others
  • Industrial Automation, Process Control
  • Digital Mini Labs, Image Processing & Pre-Press
  • Medical Equipment - MRI. CT Scan, CathLab. Doppler & others
  • Embroidery Machines, Laser Cutting Machines
  • Banking, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Satellite Uplinking and Earth Stations.

Igbt Based Inverter & Smart Charger

High Switching Frequency for maximum system efficiency, Minimum Harmonics. Fast Transient Response and increased battery life.

Digital Signal Processing

EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES is fully Digital adopting a Single Processing Unit that integrated all power stages as well as control functions. The System uses only 4 cards as compared to a large number of Control Cards used in conventional UPS Systems. Single Processing Unit increases system availability through increases reliability.

Isolation Transformer For Grounding Problems

All EnVENTA FORTRESS HT-SERIES UPS models incorporate Isolation Transformer at the output of the UPS to attenuate problems ansing out of poor input grounding and leakage voltage in neutral.

Optional Add ons include SNMP Network Protocol. RS-232 Communication Port, Wall-mounted Remote Monitoring Panel iRMPl Matching Battery Cabinets.