Case Maker Machine

Case Maker Machine

Case Maker Machine

  • Table Top Case Maker + 24” Gluing Machine
  • Featuring Heavy Duty 1-1/2” Tubular Steel Frame
  • Starboard Non-Stick Matte Surface
  • Patent Pending Self Cantering Spine Fingers
  • Easily Adjustable Spine Fingers
  • Adjustable Side & Top Guides
  • No Nonsense Easy to Use & Clean Edge Folder
  • 24” Thermal Gluing Machine
  • Applies a thin coat of Glue on printed or Synthetic Sheets
  • Economical Easy To Use *Standard 110v Electrical
  • Sheet Size Capabilities: 16" D x 30" W (removing left edge guide)
  • Our Basic Package Includes our CasePro Casemaker & 24” Gluing Machine

The CaseProX is our Stand Alone CaseMaking Workstation

  • 1-1/2” Tubular Steel, Powder Coated Back Shelf for Board Stacking
  • Lower Shelves for Cover Placement & Storage Removable Glue Machine Stand
  • Includes the CasePro Tooling Assemblies 24” Glue Thermal Glue Machine
  • Applies a thin coat of Glue on printed or Synthetic Sheets
  • Heat Press Machine Economical
  • Easy To Use *Standard 110v Electrical
  • Heavy Duty Caster Wheels


Our CaseLineXT is an all inclusive production system designed for customers who want to maximize there output while minimizing there capital outlay.

Designed to free up hands & improve efficiency you can easily triple your production with our system. Our CaseLine is designed for a 3 operator work flow.

  • #1 GluePro Operator continually coats sheets and places them one by one into the StackPro. The StackPro is designed to house 10 to 12 glued sheets at one time. The Non-Stick surface of the StackPro assists with easy loading & removal. It’s modular design is also ideal for easy moving to the best location for better production, and can easily be moved for storage when not in use.
  • #2 The CasePro Operator removes coated sheets from the StackPro & places them on the CasePro Workstation. The operators only job is to place boards on the glued sheets and transfer to the EdgePro. This frees up hands and streamlines the process.
  • #3 The EdgePro has 6 Holding Stations. One by One the CasePro operator places glued content (glued sheets + boards) into the EdgePro. The EdgePro Operator pulls from holding bins, folds edges and wraps corners.

Your Basic Case is now complete. The cases can now be fed into a press or prepared for it’s next step of bookbinding or other application.
The entire system is on wheels & can be positioned as needed when in use, or in storage.
Fully Automated Systems may cost you upwards of $75,000 $200,000 and cannot achieve these speeds.


The EdgePro can be purchased as a stand alone unit or as a complete package with our CaseLine System.

The EdgePro is designed for a multi-operator work flow where a single operator can pull glued content waiting to be folded and turned edges.

The operator pulls content from the bins and drags across the self healing mat and pushes downward into the folding device.

The EdgePro can accomodate media up to 28” wide and over 1” thick. Adjustable Knobs under the folder device allow for easy size changes.

Finished Shells can be stored in one of the storage shelves under the folder, or can be fed into a press


The StackPro can be purchased as a stand alone unit or as a complete package with our Case Line System.

The StackPro is designed for a multi-operator work flow where a single operator can load or pull sheets from 10 to 12 non-stick loading bins.

The modular design of the StackPro can also be separated by each tier. The StackPro serves as a bridge between the GluePro and CasePro Units.

HeatPro Press

Our 13" HeatPro Press is an inexpensive solution to "pressing" your hardcover products. Pressing not only seals and removes any Air and Bubbles but it also seals all your joints and helps evenly spread glue. In addition, it helps provide a secondary lamination to your Full Color Laminated Covers. Sometimes single side laminating doesn't do the perfect job. This 2nd pass makes a difference in the quality of your finished product.

A common problem with pressing is glue transfer. Glue transfer occurs when glue is "squeezed" out from the edges of your covers. This results in fine lines of glue on your rollers. And inevitably fine lines of glue end up on your covers.

We've separated the rollers on this machine to keep the rollers apart. This prevents glue transfer from bottom roller to top roller. This small gap is small enough to keep them apart but not so much that you cannot process thinner board materials.

It comes factory set for 100 pt. graphic boards. Small adjustments can be made to accomodate up to 1/4" thick boards.

Adjustable Heat & Temp Controls as well as Adjustable Speed. Plugs into standard 110v Outlet.

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